About Qatar

Qatar is a country steeped in history, rich in culture and buoyed by global growth which is reflected in the diverse and cosmopolitan mix of people who call it home. Very few places can boast such a multi-cultural and welcoming community, made up of nationalities from every corner of the world, and we look forward to welcoming your guests as part of our extended family.

Qatar has experienced significant economic growth in recent years resulting in a huge influx of businesses and professionals to the country. Once famed for pearl fishing this historic global trading post now plays host to global industries such as hydrocarbon, LNG, Petroleum and Steel alongside extensive oversees investments. This thriving environment offers the perfect base from which to host international trade shows, conventions, conferences and gatherings.

By choosing DECC, your guests will experience state of the art surrounds, expert execution, a cultural immersion and of course, a warm and hospitable welcome. Your guests can relax in luxury surroundings with a chance to explore an ancient city in their free time; from historic souks and desert safaris to world acclaimed museums and state of the art sports stadiums. No matter how they spend their time here, they will enjoy the warm welcome from a country famed for its hospitality.