Our Amenities

Drop off / Pick up Points: 
Three main drop off points are available in front of the entrances of Exhibition Halls 1-5. Taxis, coach buses and private vehicles can be accommodated.

Car Park:
A total of 2,800 parking spaces, offering round-the-clock security and a climate-controlled environment.

Registration Desks:
Each exhibition hall is equipped with a registration counter located outside the main entrance of the hall. The registration counters have provision for power & data. Registration desks are primarily allocated (one counter per exhibition hall tenancy) to the events taking place in the exhibition space.

Events with registration requirements held in meeting rooms will be allocated a counter upon availability.

Registration activities shall not take place beyond the allotted registration space without the prior consent of the DECC.

Facilities for Disabled Visitors:
DECC has been designed to be disable access friendly.  All exhibition halls, meeting rooms & public areas are accessible by wheelchair. Car park spaces are also reserved for the disabled.  Toilets on the ground floor & first floor also have disabled access, while all lifts accommodate standard wheelchairs & have low-level buttons as well as announcements for the visually impaired. Our doorways are wide enough to accommodate standard wheelchairs. We appreciate the assistance of the exhibitors & organizers in maintaining reasonable access for disabled people during events.

If you are arriving by taxi, you will be able to be dropped off at the main entrances of the exhibition halls in front of Kahramaa, Conference Street. If you are arriving by private car & have your disabled parking permit badge with you, you will be directed to the nearest disabled car parking zone, where you can be dropped off & picked up at the end of your visit.

Please be aware that in order to secure the available parking space for those who are entitled to it, DECC reserves the right to inspect disabled parking permit badges. If an inspection is refused then DECC reserves the right to deny access to the disabled parking zone.

Mobility Equipment:
Wheelchairs are available in the venue, subject to availability. Please contact 00974 1353 for assistance.

Food & Beverage Outlets:
Our food & beverage partners located in the public concourse areas provide snacking and beverage solutions to our visitors & guests.

Gift Shop:
A gift shop is located in the main concourse of Hall 2 & 4.

ATM Machines:
Five ATMs are located in the main concourse of halls 1-5.

A QNB branch located in the main concourse of Hall 3 offers banking and currency exchange services to our visitors & guests.

Prayer Rooms:
A men’s prayer room is located on ground level between exhibition hall 4 & 5. The ladies’ prayer room is located on ground level between halls 2 & 3.

Lost & Found Office:
The Lost & Found office is located at the security room adjacent to hall 5. DECC security is responsible for the safe keeping of items that have been found at the premises. Items will be returned to the rightful owner upon presentation of reasonable proof of ownership. Any items left beyond 1 month will be disposed at DECC’s discretion.

Anyone losing property should report the details to DECC security as soon as they become aware of the loss Losses may be reported by phone to 00974 1353.

Public Address Systems:
Organizers are required to confirm any special request for public announcements or within their event space. At least 3 weeks’ notice is required. DECC will review the requirements & advise on the service feasibility. Please note that background music will only be available outside of prayer timings.