DECC launch the secured paid parking


Press Release – 1st Dec. 2015 – DECC, DOHA

Following last month’s announcement that Doha Exhibition and Convention has opened for business and has now already hosted 4 major exhibitions in the past 6 weeks, the DECC Management has announcement that it’s paid-for parking services will commence from Monday December 7th.

Regular parkers have enjoyed the benefit of free parking for some time during DECC’s development phase leading up to its opening. However, parking will now be charged at a nominal fee of QAR 5 for the first 2 hours to accommodate quick visits, followed by QAR 5 per hour for the next 3 hours and QAR 10 per hour thereafter to a maximum of QAR 150 for short terms parking. Lost tickets will be charged at QAR 150.

In addition DECC  are offering  a number of parking spaces that can be rented by individuals, corporates and local government departments on a monthly or long term basis at very competitive rates.  However the availability of these types of parking spaces is very limited and will be assigned on a first come first serve basis.

DECC management commented, “Our various service offerings are now open to both, event organizers, their visitors and the general public and as such we needed to provide a secure , controlled and convenient parking solution to everyone who wants to use the facilities that DECC now offers, including the 2800 parking spaces. As a paid-for service we are now able to provide a far more enhanced and consistent service with round the clock security, a climate controlled environment, as well as a convenient and cost effective parking solution for everyone”

For further details, interested parties can contact DECC Car Park Supervisor on 7740 0385, or visit the DECC Parking Management Office on Parking Level 1 at DECC.