Nawasi is a unique event that celebrates the royal Arabic culture of equestrianism, camel raring and falconry. This one of a kind trade fair and exhibition has captured the attention of owners and industrialists who are dedicated to maintain and keep alive the ageless traditions of horse, camel and falcon breeding, rearing and racing.

As a ground-breaking initiative, Nawasi is poised to take the timeless art of equestrianism, camel raring and falconry to the next level, not just in Qatar but across the entire GCC and MENA region. Nawasi has earned itself a position as an iconic regional event, which has harnessed the support of key government agencies, clubs and associations in and outside of Qatar.

Among the key aspirations of Nawasi is to become an active hub that shares and promotes knowledge and cooperation, trade, technology and veterinary science related to the industry. Nawasi also aspires to be a leading promoter and educator of the rich history and heritage linked to passionate engagement with horses, camels and falcons; creatures who have been trained expertly and reared for thousands of generations, particularly in the GCC and MENA region.

Nawasi is licensed and registered with Qatar Tourism Authority and is set to become an annual event in Qatar.

  • Date : May 25 - 27, 2016