Qatar Sustainable Week – Bridge Building Competition


As part of Qatar Sustainable Week, EA Qatar Chapter and Qatar Green Building Council have joined forces to organise the first-ever Bridge Building Competition in the country!

Engineers are constantly challenged to create the most sustainable structure to resist a given load over a given span. Engineers Australia Bridge Building Competition requires teams to be creative and construct a bridge with the minimal materials. Please see further details below:

Charges: Commitment fees of 50 QAR / Team

Objective of the competition: The bridge should span 2.5m without failing while carrying a nominated load of 3.75kg. The winner will be the lightest bridge that can carry the nominated load.

Three prize categories:

  • 1st Prize: For the lightest bridge capable of supporting the nominated load (Environmental Engineers Perspective).
  • 2nd Prize: For the bridge capable of supporting the heaviest load regardless its weight or mass (Structural Engineers Perspective).
  • 3rd Prize: For the bridge judged to be the most aesthetically appealing (Architects Perspective).

Additional Information:

  • Attendance & winning certificates will be issued to all participants.
  • Teams are limited to a maximum of 5 people, multidisciplinary teams and multiple entries from each university/institution are strongly encouraged.
  • An email will be sent to your nominated email address confirming your registration.
  • An information kit will also be sent to your nominated email address on Sunday 22nd Octoberconfirming details and providing additional information regarding rules and conditions of entry.  
  • If you have any questions please contact Mustafa El Cherkawi on:

Please complete this registration form and forward it to Mustafa El Cherkawi by Saturday 28th October.

Good luck!

  • Date : November 04, 2017